Friday, September 21, 2007

Greetings from Kentucky!

Well, it is Friday. WOW! Time has flown, but it has still been a long week. I am enjoying the conference and have learned a good bit. More than anything I feel refreshed, which was extremely needed. I hear Francine Rivers speak on Wednesday and tonight we had Dennis Jernigan lead worship. We have had others speakers, but I think those are the two most of you might have heard of.

I haven't gotten to see a lot of Louisville, but I did grab a couple of quick pictures last night when we took a walk through downtown. Enjoy!

Yeah...still haven't figured out how to rotate the pictures. Sorry!


Meems said...

i want to hear about francine rivers. did you know she authored one of my favorite all-time books? :-)

Jane said...

Meems- I think you have mentioned that once or twice. ;)