Monday, September 17, 2007

Yes, Again

If you are weary of reading, know I am weary of packing. However, I am off again...well, I leave tomorrow. My bed is covered with yet more clothes. The suitcase is on the floor. I am trying to make decisions, but they are not coming very quickly.

So, where am I going you ask. Here are a few hints:
  1. It is the farthest I have been thus far and I get to fly.
  2. They are known for their music, but it isn't Nashville.
  3. Women often can be found wearing hats in this city in May because of a specific event.
  4. This city is also know for its contribution to baseball because they make a pretty important piece of equipment.
I think those are pretty good clues. Any guesses? If you thought of Louisville, KY then you are correct. Louisville home of the Kentucky Derby and Louisville Slugger baseball bats. I will be attending a conference for work there and will return on Sunday. It looks like I will have Internet access and am taking my laptop, so I may actually get to post a time or two.

(Note: It is now 11:00pm. My suitcase is packed and I am calling it a day. Sleep, here I come!)


MLM said...

Have a great trip...AGAIN!

Meems said...

be safe, have fun, learn lots and come home for some rest...
see you soon.

Jane said...

Thanks...I must confess that I am looking forward to boarding that plane tomorrow. It has been good, but I am ready to be "home". I miss my bed, I miss my apartment, I miss church, I miss friends. Three weeks home in a row sound wonderful right about now!