Thursday, August 30, 2007

On the Road Again

Tomorrow I am hitting the road...again! It is something that I should go ahead and get use to since I will be gone the next four weekends. I am beginning to think I should host a game on my blog called "Where in the World is Jane Masters?"
  1. According to MapQuest, my destination is 9 hours and 6 minutes from here.
  2. There is only one state between my destination and here.
  3. I have never lived in this state, but have visited several times. Actually was there less than one year ago.
  4. I have very good friends who live in this state, but I won't get to see them on this trip
  5. The state's slogan is "the stage is set for you" least that is what I think it is
  6. The town that I am going to is the home of the Ocoee River and the Cherokee National Forest.
Any guesses? If you said Tennessee then you are right, if you guessed Benton, TN you are the winner!

I am going white water rafting with a group from church. I am excited to get away and have a little fun. I am not sure about the bus ride there, but I have my new iPod charged and loaded with lots of music. I even bought a nifty wall charger to make sure I can get back without the battery dying.

I hope everyone else has a great Labor Day weekend. I will give you all an update with pictures next week!


PrincessK said...

Have a much deserved and hopefully fun time away to just enjoy life!

mlm said...

Okay, yet ANOTHER person whose suitcase I wish I could fit in! (I already tried Meems'.) Have fun!

Jane said...

Thanks princessk!

mlm- you can still try...I haven't even begun to pack and it's 9:20. I will almost be living out of a suitcase for the next 4 weeks...I have a feeling it will get old! BUT until then I am excited!

Meems said...

have a blast! this will be a great departure from the norm for you and i think you are going to love it. see you next week. :-)

Jeff, Abbey, and Reed Land said...

You're coming to Tennessee and not going to see us. sniffles.

Jane said...

meems- i am so stepping out the ole comfort zone, but it is good to do that every once in a while. have fun on your trip too.

JAR- I know....but at least you made the clues to "Where in the World is Jane Masters"!

Emily, Frank, and Caden said...

Frank took his youth group rafting down the Ocoee this weekend too!! I wonder if y'all saw each other?? What a coincidence!

Jane said...

Em- I don't think I saw them, but there were a lot of people on the Ocoee this weekend.