Tuesday, September 11, 2007

More Reedo

Just a quick update from the Taiwan front before I call it a day. Everything seems to be going extremely well. Reed apparently is a pretty mellow and happy baby. The only problem they are having is that the crib is small and he is a wild man with all his tossing and turning. He hit is head and Jeff and Abbey decided to put him in the bed with them. I am not sure that they will try that again.

Here are some more pictures, of what I think might very well be the cutest baby that I have seen in a while. (Of course this does not include those that I am related to...Jacob you are still my number one little man!)

I am one happy boy!

Before you know it, I will be crawling!

I'll take my half out of the middle!

I sure did enjoy my first bath...and I am cute even when wet!


Jeff, Abbey, and Reed Land said...

We agree with that comment about the cutest baby ever! We can't believe we leave Taiwan tomorrow. What a great trip we've had. I think it's helped me understand better why you enjoyed China so much. I'm sure it's different, but at least I have something to compare it to now.

Meems said...

What a blessing. He really is super adorable. I wish them all the best and ... happy parenting.