Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Weebles Wobble But They Don't Fall Down

However, I am not a Weeble, and I do fall down! That's right, this morning on my jog, for no apparent reason, I just fell. Flat. Of course being the graceful athlete that I am, I caught myself with my left hand. I still fell, but managed to protect my face and the majority of my body. My hand and my shin took the brunt of the fall, and now I have a nice case of "shell rash"...which is similar to "road rash", but occurs when you fall on a shell trail. All the pieces of shell have been removed and it appears that damage is minor.

Pictures will not follow because they just didn't turn out...which proves that you shouldn't take pictures at 5:45 am!

Other titles for this post could have included:
  1. When Grace and Pavement Meet
  2. I am Not a Weeble, I Fall Down
  3. Ring Around the Rosie...We All Fall Down
  4. The Trip I Will Not Soon Forget
  5. Why I Should Sleep Later
  6. Please Laugh With Me and Not at Me
Anybody else have other ideas?


Meems said...

What's a webble?

How about? I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up.

Our family used to get a big laugh from those commercials on TV showing folks who fell and used the little button around their neck to call for help. The tag line was "I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up".

Glad you're okay. Shell is a softer fall than concrete even though it is sharper.

Are you sure you didn't stumble over something as it is not quite light at 5:45?

Jane said...

Meems- I looked for the correct spelling, but it may be Weeble instead of Webble...I found both. You know those toys that had the weighted round bottom so that when you hit them they would rock, but never really fall over. I think they still make them.

That's another good one even though I managed to brush myself off (including my pride) and continue on.

I wish I had stumbled over something, it would have made me feel better. However, when I looked around there was nothing. Just my gracefulness in all its splendor! :)