Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there and especially to my mom. I have talked to her several times over the weekend and twice today. While I know she and my dad are currently "computerless", I wanted to tell her thanks. Thanks for being a great mom. A mom who answers all my random questions like, "What is mean to have a .7 bathroom?" or "Do you have a good recipe for ________?" or "What is a good plant that will grow indoors and is difficult to kill?" or "Where in the world can you buy pumpkin pie mix?" A mom who was at every basketball game, volleyball game, softball game, soccer gamer, band concert, and church choir production. A mom who acted all strong when she and my dad dropped me off at college, but who later I found out broke down as they pulled out of campus. A mom that flew halfway across the world to see me when I lived in China. We definitely have had our differences and there have been times that we probably wanted to trade each other in, but that is when I always remind her who will take care of her as she gets older! :) Mom, I wish I could have been there today to help you celebrate. I wish the package I mailed earlier in the week had made it on time. Oh goodness, I wish I had mailed it sooner. I love you and hope you have had a blessed Mother's Day.

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