Sunday, April 27, 2008

Saturday Gardening

Yesterday I decided that it was time to do a little "gardening". Now, I use that term loosely because I have no yard or outside area at all in my apartment. I do have two plants that I have had for over a year.

You might remember Stumpy...He looked a lot like this when I got him:

Since I have had him, he also looked like this:

Well, he needed a little TLC as well as my ginger plant who was not looking well for all the travel that I have been doing. The jasmine that I planted with the ginger last summer had completely dies and ginger had several brown leaves. I honestly considered just started over, but after a trip to DeHoPo (or Home Depot as the rest of the world calls it) on Friday after work I decided that it might be salvageable.

I pulled up the jasmine and cut off all the brown leaves. It looked better but I forgot to take any pictures. On Saturday I headed to Lowe's, since I hadn't found anything interesting at DeHoPo on Friday to see what my help my sad ginger plant.

After quite some time looking at all my options, here is what I came home with.

I ended up with another jasmine plant that I was able to divide in half and plant around the ginger. I also decided not only to add some fresh soil but completely replace the majority of it as I found over a half a dozen of these little guys in my pot.

Stumpy also got a fresh layer of soil on the top since he has been doing so well with five branches and two new ones coming in.


You might also notice a couple of other items among my purchases, one being an orchid. I've always regretted that I never bought an orchid during the two years that I lived in China. So, I thought I would give it a whirl and see how I do. I love the yellow flowers with the dark burgundy splotches.

As for the spray paint and painters tape...well, that is for another project and you will just have to wait and see, but here are my finished products for this weekend.


Meems said...

Stumpy is looking great! I saw someone walking out of Lowe's with one today... but it was much more than a stumpy... it already had all its leaves. You had to work for yours.

Changing out the soil in your indoor plants is always a good idea. As a matter of fact I add fresh soil to my outdoor pots every season... the soil gets tired and all the nutrients get used up in containers. You could also give them a dose of liquid fertilizer or even easier would be some Osmocote -- it is slow release and lasts much longer.

Anyway, I'm wondering if your asian jasmine is getting enough sunlight indoors? It doesn't require a lot but it still makes me wonder... I have it growing in masses outdoors as a ground cover... but I've also seen in around town in full sun.

Your ginger seems to be really happy. I've been digging up my variegated ginger and transplanting in more areas of my garden... I even put some in a container for the first time.

Anyway, Can you tell I like to talk about plants? I could go on and on but won't bore you. I know what you're thinking... I just like to talk. LOL
Meems @ Hoe&Shovel

Jane said...

Meems- Since I have been to both Lowe's and Home Depot in the last week, I know what you are talking about. It was very sobering to see the rows and rows of "Stumpys" yet they weren't stumpy. Theirs were taller and bigger, but I just reminded myself that I have worked very hard to get mine were he is at. I have had him over a year and I haven't killed him yet. :) I think I might be ready to try a goldfish soon!

I actually do use a liquid fertilizer regularly on all my indoor plants. It is called Flower Magic. My parents bought it for me and it was recommended to use on Stumpy. It also works on my orchid (at least according to the bottle).

I've wondered if sunlight is also the issue with the jasmine. After all my "gardening" last weekend, I did place the jasmine/ginger back in the sun room where a lot of light comes in. It seemed to have more of a problem after I moved it a couple of months ago. It seems to like that room best.

Thanks for your advice and input. It's nice to hear a "professionals" view on my little pots. :)