Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I Think I'm In Trouble

It looks like a Starbuck's will be opening soon within walking distance of my apartment. I'm in so much trouble!

On a completely different note- A special shout out to my friend Abbey over at LandLife who is celebrating a birthday today...at least I hope it is today. We both struggle remembering each other's birthdays!

Ohhh, and does anybody else know why Def Leopard is on Dancing with the Stars? I mean, I normally don't associate Def Leopard with ballroom dancing...or is it just me?


Meems said...

LOL... I was so hoping Starbucks would build a drive through when developers carved out a new strip center from cow pasture close by my house recently. It would have been the only salve for my wounds that we lost the pasture in trade for a crummy cement structure.

Only I would have been in so much trouble had they built one so it is probably good that I still have to drive a good distance for Starbucks.

We chose to FF through Def Leopard... Really Strange to me too. It was just too confusing... really not the kind of dancing I look forward to see from the professionals.

Oh and with all my catching up on your blog... I keep forgetting to mention I like your new header and background.

Jane said...

Meems- I don't think it will be a drive through since it appears to be inside one of those "nice" tall buildings that are going up along the bay. However, I have a feeling I will justify it with things like, "well I'll walk down there and back, so it won't really count."