Friday, February 15, 2008

100th Post

In my mind I have allowed the importance of this 100th post to grow out of control. I felt that it had to be deep or profound, and I got nothing! However, my sweet sister-in-law called me out on the fact that I have been neglecting my blog. So, Michelle, this randomness is just for you. (Hope you get to feeling better too!)
  • If you get a shiny, new, black BMW convertible for your 16th birthday, what do you look forward to the rest of your life? I thought this one my way home today. I was in S. Tampa and passed three teenage girls in that very car. My first car was an 1987 baby blue Ford Escort. The steering wheel began to shake when you hit 60 mph. My older brother, Stuart, had already driven it for 4 1/2 years. My second car was a 1995 Honda Civic, but red. Stuart had also driven that before me as well. Driving a used that had been previously driven by another family member was a right of passage in our family.
  • Wednesday I was in a local grocery store when I overheard a woman at the checkout. Her son who had to be about three or four was pulling on her sleeve saying, "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy..." She looked at him and told him that was not her name right then. It reminded me of growing up when my mom used to threaten to change her name and not tell us what she had changed it to. I wanted to that poor mom that it would be okay. That in 10 years all she would want was to have a conversation with her son. In twenty years she would wait for him to call her and she would send him Valentine's in the mail telling him how much she loved him.
  • On Wednesday I was also called ma'm...twice! When did I become my mother? When I hear ma'm that is who I think about. Maybe I am paranoid because I just had a birthday. Oh well, at least manners aren't dead. Just don't call me ma'm!
  • Apartment life...There are advantages to living in an apartment- no yard work, maintenance men, etc. However, I have new upstairs neighbors who I think bowl and/or drop heavy weights on the floor. It sounds like they are going to drop through the ceiling. There is also someone who drives by with the bass shakes the whole apartment. I can feel them now, but have no idea where "they" are.
  • I am working on a list of things that I want to accomplish before my 30th birthday. It is a little less that 11 months away. The only problem is, I haven't finished my list. How will I ever accomplish everything. I'll share the list with all five of you who read my blog when I finally finish it.
  • I read a book this week about a single woman who had an anonymous blog. She would write all these random things that she thought and what was going on with her job and family. She never had to worry about what others thought since it was all anonymous. I like the idea. I think I might do that too. Don't worry, I'll let you all know what the address of my new anonymous blog is so that you can see what I or someone else writes! ;)
As you can see, I don't have any deep or least I gave you fair warning!

(I apologize for any misspellings or spell check isn't working.)


Anonymous said...

YEA-a new blog!!! Ahhh, Baby Blue-Stuart and I were just talking about her the other day. Only good of course since she NEVER had problems. :) Can't wait to see the list since you have talked about it twice now.


Jane said...

Nope, she never had problems. Never flooded the engine when you were trying to rush to school. Always started when you wanted her too. Not everyone was privy to driving a red Mustang! ;) I'm working on getting the list to a publishable state. Hopefully in the next day or two. Especially if I get to feeling better.

Meems said...

your randomness always makes me chuckle... no need for the deep or profound really. I wonder about those brand new shiny cars at 16 too. And the limos and $500 adult dresses for proms and homecoming...

Even though I know how Mom's feel when they wish their name could be changed... you are so right about later on down the road when you wish you could remember the adoration of that little one.

Apartment life AND single... so much extra time!

An anonymous blog... hmmmm it might be quite the answer for getting it all out there in the open... interesting.

Meems said...

When I realized you were concerned about the 100th post it dawned on me that I hadn't even thought of my 100th post. So I went back to see where I was with that sequence on my blog...

Oh well... no deep thoughts or pondering there either - I long past my 100th post without any alarms going off.

Jane said...

Meems- You could have extra time if you had a rock yard! ;) Glad I could make you chuckle. As far as you not thinking twice about your 100th post, I figure I am one of the only ones that worries about things like that. If I hadn't been so self-conscious it would have occurred much, much sooner.