Thursday, August 16, 2007

Cooking Experiment

Last week the Snap It assignment was to take a picture of a meal or dessert that you ate during the week. Since I had been out of town I ended up submitting a picture of my Papa John's pizza that was dinner on Saturday. I really enjoy cooking and was sad that I wasn't able to show off some of my skills.

Tonight I decided not only to cook dinner, but try a little experiment. I really enjoy trying new recipes and recently have enjoyed trying to cook ethnic dishes. I make a pretty mean fried rice, which three Chinese women taught me to cook when I first moved to China. I am also working on perfecting a Korean style curry dish.

You might be wondering what new dish I is one of my favorite Thai dishes, pad thai. Pad thai is a noodle dish with a special sauce. You can use chicken, shrimp, or tofu (yuck on the tofu) and at the last minute a scrambled egg and cilantro is added. Finally it is garnished with fresh lime juice and chopped peanuts.

I made chicken pad thai, but I must confess that I had a little help from Thai Kitchen. The noodle mix made this experiment much easier.

How was it? See for yourself! (In other was yummy!)


Meems said...

mmm, mmm... sounds and looks really yummy. hubby's favorite is pad thai. i usually like anything with peanuts and lime juice.

MLM said... you think the next time you have one of these experiments you'd like to have some guinea pigs? (pick me! pick me!)

Jane said...

Meems- It was yummy!

mlm- Sure, you can come next time. I bought a new type of curry when I was at Publix last night. It looks more like the kind I was able to get overseas. I am anxious to try it out and see. Oh, and I know I need to respond to a comment on your blog..tomorrow I will.

MLM said...

I was just teasing you...your food looks delish, but I'm a pretty "simple fare" kinda girl. So I'm sure your experiments would be too fancy for my buds to handle. :o)

Jane said...

Fancy? It came from a box. But I also have several other things that would be classified as a little more "normal"...lasagna, chicken and rice bake, etc. If you want really "simple fare" I think I have a box of Hamburger Helper in the pantry!

MLM said...

Hamburger Helper is just my style! (Did Meems tell you?)

Jane said...

mlm- no, not at was just a lucky guess! hamburger helper is how i learned to cook. i would come in from school and the box would be on the counter with a note about the thawing hamburger meat in the fridge.

Meems said...

i learned how to cook a similar way. when i got home from school i would call my mom at her workplace and she would give me instructions over the phone. i learned to cook because i enjoy eating so much.