Sunday, August 19, 2007

New Toys

I had done the research. I had looked at all the options. I had weighed the pros and the cons. Today, I took the plunge and bought. I am now the proud owner of a Macbook and an iPod. I am having way too much fun playing with all the whistles and bells. I have figured out how to use the web cam and the Internet (obviously). I am charging the iPod and will figure out that next. I will post some pics of my new toys as soon as I add my camera software to this computer.

You might wonder what my favorite part of the new computer is....well, it is the fact that it has an 'm' key! ;)


Meems said...

and we all cheered for the "m" key! hurray!

i can't wait to hear how you like being the owner of a Mac vs. a PC.
do keep us posted (pun intended).

MLM said...


So glad to hear about your toys. I've been researching laptops and MP3 players too---maybe I could just borrow your notes?

Jane said...

Thanks for the excitement! It is always more enjoyable when others celebrate with you!

mlm- Of course you can borrow my notes. I mainly did research on Dells and Macs. I also owned a Toshiba laptop at one time.

PrincessK said...

I also need to get the scoop on your mach purchase as that is my next goal before the end of year.

Jane said...

princessk- in the short time that i have owned one, i have become a fan. I will have to show off some of the things I have learned later in the week.