Monday, August 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Jacob!

Today is Jacob's 4th birthday. It is hard to believe he is 4! It seems like only yesterday that I was waiting outside the hospital room waiting for that cry. In honor of my "little man" I thought I would take us all on a trip down memory lane. Happy Birthday, Bud!

Jacob Andrew
Born August 21, 2003

About two weeks old...No, no one posed him this way!

Gig Em Ags! (And yes, he was posed for this one.)


Two years old and ring bearer at Uncle Roger and Aunt Alisa's wedding...
they were brave and Jacob was incredible!

Always the cutie!

Where has the time gone?


MLM said...

Your trip down memory lane made me sad. I've started the journey and I realllllly want time to slow down. It's such a catch-22, because while I want my son to grow out of this diaper stage, I already miss the baby ages he's left behind.

Your nephew is such a cutie, and I really like the name Jacob. Thanks for sharing!

Jane said...

I understand, but this age is so much fun too. Tonight I talked with Jacob on the way home. He told me all about his birthday presents and how tomorrow he gets to go to school and meet his teacher. I also got to hear the ABCs and he counted to 20. We talked about how I was at the hospital the day he was born and got to hold him when he was just a few minutes old. We ended our conversation by him saying his goodnight prayers over the phone with me. It was precious and I will treasure those conversations forever. There are a lot of memories ahead for you and your little guy!

Meems said...

that two week old picture is angelic! what a beautiful baby and little man. he has such a cute personality too. they grow up so, so quickly. happy birthday, Jacob.

Jane said...

meems- thanks. no one can make me laugh like he does!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jane, that was awesome! We all enjoyed it. He liked meeting his teacher today and couldn't understand why he couldn't stay and play longer!! So Big!!