Monday, October 29, 2007

Fall Makes Me Want To...

Fall makes me think of several things...the colors red, orange, and days...and of course baking. Okay, so maybe not everyone thinks of the last one, but I do. Maybe it has to do with the fact that Fall comes right before the holidays and that definitely reminds me of cooking and baking. Nevertheless, I was inspired this weekend, which was good because I had some bananas that were a little too ripe...well not for banana bread!

It was yummy!

Note, that I said was yummy. I took it to work today and considering how little was left by the end of the day, I would say it was a hit.


Meems said...

i, too, think of baking around this time of year. only i used to enjoy it more when i was younger simply because i didn't have to worry about eating what i baked back in those days. these days i must consider the temptation and so it sort of takes the fun out of baking for me.

i'm looking at your ingredients and thinking i need some of that good vanilla when next you go back home.

your bread does look yummy and i'm sure WAS yummy.

Jane said...

Meems- That is one of the reasons I take things into work. I get to have my fun and then don't have to worry about eating it.

You noticed the vanilla! My mom sent it in one of the last packages I received. Growing up we actually had to go to Mexico to get it, but now you can get it right there were they just have to know where. I think I probably bring you back a bottle when I go in December.

Jeff, Abbey, and Reed Land said...

Are you excited about getting to see me soon? -Jeff

Okay, so I know you are more excited about seeing Reed and Abbey, but come on, you could be excited about seeing me too! How many people can say that they graduated from College and Grad School on the same day from the same school?

Jane said...

Jeff- I am excited to get to see you. You are so right...not many people can say they graduated twice together. If only we had managed to know each other in high school! I have already begun to pack since tomorrow I will be at my church's fall festival. It will be Thursday before we know it!