Thursday, July 2, 2009

I Worked So Hard My Teeth Hurt

Yesterday Abbey and I began moving my stuff to the new house. We are both pretty impressed with how much was accomplished. The kitchen is basically all moved and so is my closet. What's even better is that it is all put away in the new house. Now I may not be able to find anything and I might have to call Abbey to locate anything in the pantry, but it feels pretty good to have all that done.

My parents arrived last night after getting stuck in traffic right outside of Nashville. We met last night for dinner in Goodlettsville before making the track back into Springfield since they got held up and we were all starving. Before we all officially called it a day we went by the house so they could see if for the first time.

Today will be filled with more trips up and downs the stairs. (I am really wondering why I live on the second floor right about now! My knees and ankles are feeling every trip made up and down those things from yesterday. I mean, my teeth hurt....oh wait, that may have more to do with the fact that I squeezed in an orthodontist appointment yesterday after work and before the move!) The goal is to get the majority of the furniture moved.

Have I mentioned what great friends and family I have? I have some of the best!!! They help you move, they mow your lawn, they drive long distances with a U-Haul....Well, I better get off this couch and getting moving...of course I think a cup of coffee and two Aleeve will really help the process!

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