Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pics of the House...Finally!

The front...except this was taken a while ago and I have cleaned up all the flower beds. Oh, and the garbage can is in the garage, because the HOA president informed that I was in violation of the covenant since it could be seen from the street. :)

Remember the back deck? My dad pressure washed it over 4th of July weekend. It looked so much better, then this weekend I began sealing it with Thompson's.

Here it is now...That is a dwarf crape myrtle in the pot...it should have some red blooms in the next week or so.

I also put these new Adirondack chairs together over the weekend. This morning I drank my cup of coffee out there and watched the sun rise.

I have a feeling I'll be out there a good bit in the morning...let's go inside.

This is the entryway.

Then the living room. Please ignore the tags on the couch, it was delivered this morning and I haven't stopped long enough to cut them off.

A couple of close ups of the new furniture.

The fireplace and mantle.

Well, that about does it...for now. I'll try to get some other pics tomorrow to post. The guest bedroom is basically finished expect for the curtains. The kitchen and dining room needed to be cleaned up so that is why there weren't any pics...And my bedroom, well, it is a work in progress. I am still wavering on what to do.

Oh, and Michelle, here is the dress for Madeline:


Christy said...

Love the house! I will check your blog soon to get more updates!!!

michellem said...

So pretty! What a nice rug! ;) Jacob said, "She has he same carpet that we do!" Cute dress, too!

mjm said...

Christy- Thanks! That means I'll have to do a better job of keeping it updated. The move has left me with a project list longer than my legs!

Michelle- That boy is too funny! We talked about that on the phone the other day. Glad you like the dress. I sure do hope that Alisa and Reagan like it too, especially since they will have two.

Pat said...

It is soooo cool! I am thrilled for you.
Now....get to writing girl!!!
JK...have fun!

Kayce said...

LOVE THE NEW HOUSE!!!! and the rug in your living room!! CONGRATS!

Meems said...

Geesh... I thought I left a comment here. So sorry... Gosh where to start... so many great things happening inside and out. You have gotten off to a great start girlie!

Love the couch and rug. The Adirondacks will be your dwelling place if you're anything like me... so relaxing. Where did you end up getting them? Nosey me.

Waiting for the next round of pics.(be careful what you promise on a blog) LOL