Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Brought To You From The Hall Bath

Rain is pounding on all the windows and the tornado warning siren just ended. The electricity is flickering on and off. Thunder continues to roll and I feel pretty sure there is lightning as well...I wouldn't know because I have taken cover in the hall bathroom. It's the only interior room besides the laundry room, which just doesn't sound like a safe place to hang out during a tornado warning.

I wonder if this is going to spoil the plans that Abbey and I had to work out this evening? So how did you spend your Wednesday night?


Meems said...

Funny you should ask. Do you really want to know? Mike had surgery Wednesday (gall bladder out) so I was in the hospital with him Wed. night. When I got home though there were two huge limbs down in the yard and debris everywhere. Found out from my neighbors we had high winds (with rain) and hail that night. No sirens though.

If I hadn't seen you on FB since this post I'd be wondering if you made it. LOL Which is worse? All those tornado warnings in TN or the lightning storms every afternoon in FL? I'd pick lightning I think. Those sirens and hiding in the bathroom would make me a little nervous.

Glad you're okay.

mjm said...

I always want to know! I am very familiar with gall bladders being taken out...I take care of a couple each week! How is he doing?

The tornado siren is a tad is right by my apartment...there is also one right behind the house so it look like I will never miss a tornado warning. :)