Thursday, May 28, 2009

Goings Ons

A few weeks ago Jeff, Abbey, and Reed went to the beach with their friend, Bill. (Well, I guess we are all friends, but he was their friend first.) Like the good friend that I am I agreed to make sure their mail was collected, their flowers watered, their house remained standing, the fish didn't die (although one did...I think it drowned!), and even that the grass was mowed. Also like the good friend that I am, I told them to make sure to bring me back a present.

I think it speaks for its self....

Nothing says friendship like an air brush t-shirt!

House Update
If you have been keeping track, you know that I am supposed to close on my house tomorrow. Well, that is not going to happen. The closing has been moved until mid July. It has to due with the fact that I am applying for a FHA loan and there is a clause that states that the house has to be owned for a minimum of 90 days by the current owner. That will be the beginning of July, but my mortgage broker says that since all the paper work is already ready, I can close in 10 to 12 days.

So I'll be putting aside all my paint swatches, leather samples, and even the sample bedding aside for a while.

Apartment Life
Since I'll be staying a while, I decided to clean up today. One of my goals was to vacuum, which never did happen, but I did collect all these in preparation to do so.

I am my grandmother's granddaughter!!!

Make sure to check back over the weekend. I have agreed to participate in a challenge over the next two and half part of it I will be blogging about it...I'll share the details on Saturday.

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Claire said...

Owned for 90 days? Wow, that was a short purchase for them, huh?