Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Disturbing Prodcuts

Tonight I was looking for some euro shams online during which I ran across the "Hug Me Pillow".

Which lead me to the "Desktop Butt Station Assistant Organizer".

And finally the "Ex 5 Piece Knife Set with Unique Holder".

I have no words.


Maggie said...

Okay, I've seen the knife dude, but the other two are hilarious.

dreamlady said...

speechless!!! well, almost!
have you noticed that more and more ads demonstrate a mix of inflicted pain and/or insulting humor, awkwardness? sign of the times i'm thinking - kind of like those video games that people play constantly. i don't see the funny in a knife holder shaped like a person who has been stabbed repeatedly! kind of sicko!

mjm said...

Maggie, I thought the other two were hilarious as well. Though the pillow is kinda creepy!

Dramlady- I agree with you...I actually had seen the knife holder before and was more humored by the other two.

Jeff, Abbey, and Reed Land said...