Monday, December 8, 2008

A Christmas Tradition

Over the past few years, I have begun my own little Christmas tradition...I began painting Christmas ornaments and attached them to my families' presents. Each year, I have had an extra, so my Christmas tree benefits. Not only does it give me something special to give my family members, but it gives me a "creative outlet".



2007...Last year I decided they would also serve as the tags for the presents.

The day after Thanksgiving, I found some wooden ornaments at Micheal's. I decided to combine the two ornament and a tag.

Apparently, from the first picture to the next one of the camera...well, I was very busy! I painted each of the ornaments. My goal was to keep it simple...two colors maximum. I actually also bough two other cutouts that I did not use. One was a present with a box and the other was a bell. They didn't turn out the way I had envisioned them. It took a couple of coats of paint, but I didn't worry to much about making things perfect. Once I was satisfied with the colors, I took some sand paper and "aged" the ornaments. I really worked on the edges so the brown wood would show through.

I was really pleased with the way they all turned out, but my favorite is the candy cane. Because it is so thin, it had to be either for my mom or my dad. There is no way I cold have squeezed "Madeline" in there!

I chose a very basic paper. Originally I had wanted a plaid, but I found this simple blue paper with some holly, birds, and snowflakes at Wal-Mart. My favorite part is that printed on the paper is "We are filled with joy. Psalm 126:3" I kept the bow very simple as well by using brown raffia.

Now, if I would only finish my Christmas shopping, then I could get all these tags attached and hit the UPS store!


Snow said...

Ornaments and tags - what a great idea! You did a great job! Maybe I can try that next year...

Kayce said...

Those are awesome!! You are too creative! I am jealous!!

mjm said...

Snow and Kayce- Thanks! It's fun, but I think I might have set a standard that I cannot meet every year.

michellem said...

I just saw our ornaments the other day when I was decorating our tree. I love them! Those turned out very cute! I can't believe Madeline didn't fit on the candy cane! It would only have gone from one end to the other!

I understand not living up to the standard you set!! You get over it-that's why you haven't gotten homemade card the last couple of years!!!

Rissalee said...

WOW! That is AWESOME. Meems would be SO IMPRESSED. Hey, I like your blog background too!!!

mjm said...

Michelle- You make me laugh...I haven't even gotten a card yet this year.

Rissalee- Thanks...I try to impress people! BTW- like the new screen name and the pic to go with it!

Meems @HoeandShovel said...

Hey- I really like the way you distressed your paint... very impressed! LOL