Saturday, July 5, 2008

Bargains and Deals

First, I want to wish everyone a belated Happy 4th of July. I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday, time with family/friends, and wonderful food like I did. I also hope you took some time and thanked God for the freedom that we enjoy and the men and women who have made and continue to make that possible.

Today a friend and I went to an area outlet mall to see what bargains we could find. I had several things on my "want/need" list and did a pretty good job of checking them off...First were some new jeans at Gap where I also found this new pink shirt. A friend recently told me that every woman needs a little pink in their wardrobe.

I also found this great black and white polka dot dress with red trim and sweater.

By far, the deal of the day was when I found the Saucony outlet which happened to also be the Stride Rite outlet (Jacob, my nephew, would be proud) and found my running shoes at an incredible price. I am not quite ready for a new pair of shoes, but since these are the "old" model (I currently have the Hurricane 10 and these are Hurricane 8) and a size 11, I couldn't pass them up.

I also bought some other things, but either they are gifts or just not exciting so I will spare you the details/pictures.

I don't think some people go the memo that today is July 5th. I am still hearing fireworks being shot off at my apartment complex. I really wouldn't mind as much except for the fact that I know I will see all the remains of tonight's festivities in the morning on my jog. They never seem to quite pick up after themselves.


Meems said...

Fun Finds! The pink is oh so feminine and have to have it. My fave though is the polka dot with red cardigan... love the red, black and white.

Meems said...

oh yeah... I wanted to chime in on the after math of fireworks... sloppy, sloppy and pyromania seem to go together. What is that?

mjm said...

Meems- I immediately thought of you when I saw the shirt. It's a little bubble gum for me, but I thought why not. So many other things are changing...I can go change up the wardrobe too!

I must admit that I am also partial to the polka dot/cardigan ensemble. Now I just need some cute red shoes and I think I will be set. :)

Oh, and I have no idea why pyromania and sloppiness go together.