Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It All Began February 9th

You might be asking what began then. Well, that is when my Bible Study group began our study of Daniel. We have been going through Beth Moore's study ever since then. I know typically her studies last 12 weeks, but we are a little slow and will have stretched it out to 24. That and we only meet every other week. It has been a really good study, and I have gotten a lot out of it. I mean she almost made me want to write in my Bible. For those of you who know me well, know that the temptation to write in my Bible is HUGE! (Don't be too excited, I didn't succumb!)

This week has been especially good as we have been studying chapters 10 and 11. I would like to share just a few quotes from this week:

"Sometimes the complacency of 'home' is not conducive to the most life-altering revelations...Have you ever noticed that some of the most life-altering moves God has made in our lives have come when we were away from our homey surrounding. Often our most defining spiritual markers happen at conferences, retreats, on mission trips, vacations, or work-stints far from home rather that in the usual places. The daily-ness of home is crucial, however, because there God challenges us to believe and persevere in what He often shows us elsewhere."

"You see, you never can tell when God will reveal Himself most powerfully to us. True God-seeker do not outlive their usefulness. If we're still here, God's still working. His greatest revelation to you and His most life-altering move in you life may be ahead."

"God doesn't mean for us to have integrity just for integrity's sake. He want us to have integrity so we can be trust with responsibility. Christ didn't set us free just for freedom's sake. He sets us free so we can get out there and do what He's called us to do. Daniel represents more than character. He represent a life God can use wildly in the worst of circumstances. Daniel's intense relationship with God fills me with a holy jealously. I want what Daniel had. I want to be a person God can use to show Himself mighty."

"...a Daniel life - out there and exposed to God's glory - quickens every nerve ending. It's not the pain-free life. It's not the safe-at-a-distance life. But, Beloved, it is life most alive. Life most abundant."

Most of this comes from days 1 and 3 from session 10. I too want to be a Daniel. I want to be faithful in the things that God has called me to do. I want to experience life the way that God intended.

Stayed tuned for tomorrow...I will actually share something that I wrote!

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