Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Real Gems

When my parents came to help me move in they brought a few boxes of hidden treasures from my room. I honestly haven't even thought about them, but today was "Project Clean out the Garage". The garage had become the dumping grounds of all things that had no place. Today I unpacked all the boxes and put them up. Or in the case of the study/office, the boxes are piled in the corner. (That is next month's project.) As I opened the boxes my parents brought I found things like this:

And this:

Filled with these and even more embarrassing pictures:

Then there was an manila envelope from Ranger Insurance. Ranger is where my grandfather worked about a million years ago. In pencil scribbled on the front is "Cappetch Patch Kids Birth Sertevect".

Yep, inside is the birth certificate to every Cabbage Patch Kid I ever owned. This Ralph Baxter's...he was a cute dark brown haired guy that wore glasses.

Oh, and there was this guy that my grandmother made for my high school graduation.

And yes that is lipstick on the bears mouth and a Hallmark sticker as a gold medallion.

The question is what do I do with all this stuff?!?!?!?


Brenda Masters said...

YOU decide what you want to keep until time to go see Jesus and discard the rest - no guilt for Mom and Dad! Just don't tell me what you threw away after I hung on to it for 30 years. Your dad is still "freaked out" because Granny threw away his baseball collection - Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris, etc. - all cards from the 1950's. AND she let Uncle Lee weld in his Sweeny football jacket - which brings to mind your 27 bridesmaid dresses. Oh, wait a minute that was a movie - not you! BUT do you want Madeline and Reagan playing dress-up in your lovely gowns?

mjm said...

Well if those birth certificates become collector's items then I am set. I will eventually create a box and stick it in the attic. All the albums and pics are safely stuck in a drawer in the guest bedroom. Oh and Madeline and Reagan are more than welcome to play dress up in the bridesmaid dresses and I believe there are only 4 plus a prom dress. You better hope those girls are tall though!

michellem said...

At the rate Madeline is going, she will be tall enough to play in them!