Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Will Work for Eggs?

A couple of weeks ago, I took care of a patient who owns a farm. When I went to work on Sunday night, there was a note on the bathroom door (all important information on our floor is posted on the bathroom door in the nurse's lounge!) telling me I had eggs in the fridge from a patient.

I honestly didn't know how absolutely wonderful farm fresh eggs tasted! Now, if you are wondering about the color of two of those eggs...

...they are actually green. I haven't tasted those yet, but if they are as good as the others, then there won't be a problem.


Kayce said...

Fresh eggs are the best! We used to have chickens and I loved trying to get the eggs from under the chickens. Ahh childhood memories!! Enjoy your eggs!

Anonymous said...

I like this post. Will work for eggs. It reminded me that hobos used to stop at our house and ask mother if they could do some work for coffee or for coffee and a sandwich or for coffee and an egg for breakfast.

She always obliged them.