Thursday, May 6, 2010

In Case You Haven't Heard...

There was a little rain over the weekend. Okay, so a lot of rain. Somewhere between 15 and 17 inches. A lot of the water has receded, but there are still lots of areas of downtown Nashville and surrounding areas that are still underwater.

I was very fortunate. There was flooding in my county, but not in my neighborhood. I thought about it all yesterday as I worked in the yard for about six hours. I am thankful that I have a yard that needed to be mowed. I am thankful for the weeds that needed to be pulled from the flower beds. I am thankful that I still have a house that needs to be cleaned and laundry that needs to be done. I am thankful that I have a dirty SUV in messy a garage. I have much to be thankful for.

There are lots of blogs being written about the flooding here in Nashville. Here are a couple I have read and found interesting:

We are Nashville

America, Hello from Soggy Nashville

Lessons from the Flood (Parts 1-3)

Captured: Flooding and the Aftermath in Nashville

There are many more, I am sure, but those are the ones I have read. And there are over 2,000 videos on You Tube showing pictures and video footage of the flooding. I think this one is pretty good and features quotes from the first blog I linked to.


the peterson family said...

I'm glad your safe and not under water!

Kayce said...

So glad that you are ok!!! It is so sad to see Nashville underwater! Stay safe out there!