Sunday, December 13, 2009

Meeting PW

This past week Abbey and went over to Green Hills Mall in Nashville to attend the Pioneer Woman's book signing. Jeff and Abbey introduced me to her blog several years ago and I have been a faithful reader ever since.

The signing was at Davis Kidd Bookstore, and while Abbey and I have mixed feelings on the store itself, I will say that they were prepared for the mass of woman (and a handful of men) that ascended on the store last Tuesday night. We heard before Thanksgiving that tickets were going to be required so Jeff took care of getting us tickets one day on his lunch break over a week before the event. We were already in group 6! (Each group had 25 people in it!!!)

When we arrived at the signing there were lots of woman already there...fairly quickly an employee began giving directions to the masses and began assembling us in our groups. Group 1...Group 2...Group 2...well you get the picture except that there were 20 groups!!! Needless to say we had to wait a bit, but eventually it was our turn.

You can see Jeff and Abbey's version of the events here. (Oh, and I am Manya...that is what Reed calls me and no I don't know why!)

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